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About The Author

Hi! I'm Emmarie

Welcome to my blog page, and I hope you will find my articles informative and helpful. 

Like you, I aspire to build a decent passive income to support my family and me with our daily needs.

A little information about myself...

I graduated with my master's degree in business but unfortunately, I couldn't apply my education to my real job. I am always driven to create and initiate solutions to improve financial and life situations. This is why this website has been made, to look for ways to build a passive income that is possible for anybody to develop and support their earnings. 

Feel free to join my email lists to get updated with the new informative blogs and step-by-step tutorials on building a passive income.

In addition, please take advantage of the templates I created for your financial planning needs. The sheets help you monitor your payments and keep track of the whole scenario of your finances.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave your comments in my post or email me. Thank you!

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