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7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online

7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online

You are looking for ways to sell products online and may consider creating a passive income by selling digital products. Digital items have become popular because it brings excellent profit with minimal overhead cost.

Passive income from digital businesses is unlimited and recurrent. You can create the product with or without skills. The good news about going for this venture is that there are many sources to learn from, such as tutorials and courses online, to gain the knowledge to build the digital products you want to market.

What Are The Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell?

1. Ebooks

Ebook has become popular on kindle fire by amazon. A lot of content publishers have adopted this new platform for selling books. Many people with full-time jobs also create ebooks as a side earning; this is why it is an excellent digital product to sell. Learn more about 6 Important Reasons To Create An Ebook.

Selling Digital ebooks has a lot of benefits and advantages over investing in hardcover books.

  • The single device fits all - ebooks are portable, and you can carry them anytime and anywhere in one device without the worries of handling all of them. With printed books, you can only take whatever you can accommodate.

  • No storage limit - It also saves shelf space, so even if you purchase hundreds or thousands of ebooks, you can keep it all digitally with only a memory space limit. Printed books need ample shelf space if you have huge collections.

  • Content is easy to share - with ebooks, you can share digital content easily to social media or multiple people at once, which is impossible for a hardcover book.

  • Easy editing - digital books are easy to edit and update. The author can easily edit the cloud storage of ebooks for up-to-date information or content. Readers can also adjust the text sizes they prefer.

  • No printing cost - Using digital book items saves you money from printing, and it is an excellent way for your customer to save money. Going paperless is a new trend for almost the majority of businesses and cuts the budget of additional costs such as printers, ink, and paper.

  • Content is quickly disseminated - vital information in tutorials, courses, or ebooks can be spread rapidly to many readers, unlike purchasing hardcover books which involves time.

  • Read-aloud feature - Readers can opt for speech mode, which allows them to listen to the content from text to speech while doing other things like driving and chores. It also helps individuals with visual impairment.

  • Affordable - Ebooks are inexpensive and eliminate unnecessary costs like shipping and printing compared to printed and hardcover books.

Indeed, an ebook is a lucrative venture for anybody that wants to impart their knowledge and acquired skills to transform into the content. If you're going to advance your familiarity with this endeavor, you can see Kindle Money Mastery: #1 Amazon Kindle Training Program + Upsells.

2. Online Courses and Tutorials

Online courses and informative tutorials are another great way of earning digital income. If you possess or have acquired the knowledge of some specialized skills, you can transcribe it into content and make a step-by-step tutorial to sell online to the audience who wants to learn the particular skills.

There are many sources to go to when starting an online course. It will make sense to begin with a step-by-step tutorial in your preferred niche and methods that advance your skill in the specific field. Sources like Amazon and other affiliate companies offer this type of learning. Some content writers initiate this kind of venture as part of their income streams, where they create a tutorial and courses to hone bloggers' writing abilities.

To establish a course, you must consider the following:

  • Pick the right niche - in choosing the topic or subject matter, you must look at your specialty, as I've mentioned earlier. The business or topic you want to teach to your audience, something that interests your target audience, and the subject you are willing to focus on and develop. Choosing a subject you are more knowledgeable about is easy for you to talk about, and you will have more opportunities to build a particular field.

  • Experiment with your topic - as a blogger or content writer, you can use your page like a landing page to validate your concept. On your landing page, you can give an overview idea to your audience on what they can expect to learn from your course through descriptions. An audience interested in your upcoming classes and tutorial will have the opportunity to subscribe to your page. Even if you don't have a website or are interested in blogging, you can test your idea through social media, and an ample following in this type of platform will help your forthcoming tutorial.

  • Master the skills - Whether you are already knowledgeable in your course-chosen topic, you may need to thoroughly go deeper into it to broaden your know-how to this skill. For instance, if you plan to create a course on making an ebook, you may also need to include the best ebook to create for your audience or a best-selling ebook that interests buyers.

  • Plan a course summary - a thorough and detailed plan is critical in preparing a course. You are teaching your target audience a specific subject matter, and an intricate outline needs to be in place. Make a course outline emphasizing every process step, review all these methods, and include an effective technique for developing this skill.

  • Write the course content - after you outline your course summary, write or record your course content. Gather all the knowledge you learned about the topic and follow the pattern of your summary. Review and edit your content if necessary and add features that help your newbie audience.

  • Choose a platform to download and sell your course - adding the course to your website is more convenient if you have a website. However, if this is not the case, you can download it to a reputable platform like udemy.

For a more effective video tutorial, Master your GoPro Camera.

Go Pro Camera

3. Podcasting

What is a podcast? A podcast is a digital audio format program downloaded over the internet. Often a podcast is used as an audio series of a particular program, a tutorial, or a famous self-care lifestyle guide.

Busy people who want to extend learning on something such as enhancing their interpersonal skills or others while they are occupied doing other things can now download a podcast to listen to an audio file.

A podcast is convenient to stream by the engaged audience that likes to multitask in listening to their favorite series or learning a new skill while still performing other tasks at home.

From an audience perspective, the podcast helps develop their listening skills and makes work easier. At the same time, multitasking stimulates their brain, and, most importantly, the audience can rest their eyes from reading and avoid eye strain. Read more on 8 Steps to Launching a Thriving Podcast Business.

What are other important reasons to create podcasts?

  • Introduce a new product - if you have a new product or business to promote, a podcast audio file is vital for sharing information about the details of your product or company.

  • Sharing your expertise with your listener - you are not only earning a passive income from creating a podcast but also sharing all your knowledge and expertise with your valuable target listener. As a marketer, you have more options for income streams aside from your paid course downloaded in other formats.

  • Build trust with your audience - your voice on how you deliver your speech or tutorial in your podcast can attract your audience's interest and engage more of their attention in listening.

  • Convenient and time-efficient - the audience can listen to the podcast at any time by utilizing this audio file while aggregating other tasks simultaneously. While the creator's view, building one to sell is not complicated since there are some best podcast hosting platforms to use, like Buzzsprout.

4. Printables

Another easy-to-make yet profitable digital product to sell is printables. Printable prints are graphic designs such as worksheets, calendars, functional stickers, quotes, and more that are a form of digital download.

The best thing about creating printables is to make them for free and sell them to earn a profit. It is like no monetary capital to invest but your creativity and effort to produce the product. This venture is for the individual that wants to earn a passive income but has no money to invest as a starter. Passive income is great; you do the work once and get paid continuously.

Digital download like printables is easy to create, and you can even complete a printable PDF file in a few minutes. An Etsy shop is a famous digital store for this type of business. Etsy shop is free, and they only charge a certain percentage of fees if you can sell a product.

As a blogger, I created printables that relate to my niche and are helpful to my audience. I also utilize this printable as a sort of freebie to my subscribers. At first, I did this digital product as a past-time hobby. But many digital sellers in printables gain passive earnings and even replace their 9-5 jobs over time. Learn about How To Create Digital Printables To Sell Online and Make Money.

What are the steps to take to start a printable business?

  • Create an Etsy account - evaluate what kind of printables you will sell in your Etsy niche store. Before going to work, research the sellable printable items, you may develop in your store and your target market. By doing this, you can have interested audiences who download your creation.

  • Pick software to create the printables - there are a few excellent software to select when designing printables. Some of this software is designed for pros like adobe creative suite, but if you are a beginner, it would be best to use Canva. Canva is easy to use, more suitable, and easy for a newbie to work with, while they also offer a free version if you don't want to invest in a monthly subscription just yet. But if you produce more detailed and excellent designs, you opt for a monthly subscription to their pro version, which is very affordable.

  • Create the Printables - if you decide to create a niche that is something that you are more experienced about, for instance, functional stickers for all sorts of planning while creating planning sheets to match your other printables are excellent ideas for digital items.

  • Download your finished printable items and sell them - this is the most fulfilling experience if you are going to ask my opinion. Creating something from nothing and selling it for profit is a rewarding part of your effort. After you complete your masterpiece, download it to your Etsy shop in a PDF file, write all the descriptions and details needed, set the price, upload images, and hit save. It may look easy, but it is.

5. Digital Art

Digital art is any computer art created from software or any electronic device. Digital art made a big hit, especially in creating NFTs, where many people could generate a considerable income as crypto and NFT became popular.

Newbie talent and pro designers of all ages imparted their creativity in digital art. Although traditional artmaking is still unique and one of a kind, the digital art form can be accessed quickly and conveniently, eliminating the art materials and increasing productivity.

Digital art is used mainly for business, such as creating logos, animation for movies, product designs, etc. The digital art venture on cryptocurrencies generates lucrative revenue and can be traded as assets through NFTs.

6. Online Store

Online shopping has a lot of advantages nowadays, especially when you are busy and have no time to run to the brick store after a hard day. Since the internet was introduced, customers have widely accepted this online store, and many big companies have switched marketing to online platforms. The online store helps tremendously in their business campaigns while eliminating a considerable cost.

In return, business owners accumulate more profits doing business online without the burden of rental space. Even small entrepreneurs directly engage in an online venture to remove agents while maximizing earnings.

Why do people shop online?

  • Easy and convenient - shopping at home with just a click of the mouse or keyboard is very comfortable, with no worries about changing clothes, using the car, and driving to the store to purchase the item. Buyers can visit their favorite online store and look for their items at their convenience.

  • Save time and money - purchasing the product online will only take minutes. This process eliminates the hassles of going through the counter, not to mention looking for the particular item in a vast space. The downside of this form of shopping online is that customers cannot get their items right away. However, they can always allow a grace period to shop online before needing a product while saving money and effort going back and forth to a physical store.

  • Price and product comparison - in terms of comparing prices and product features, online shopping has an advantage. Customers can easily view various products online and its review, which will guide them to make a good purchase decision.

  • Availability - online store is available 24/7, and customers can purchase anytime, unlike the physical store, which has limited open hours.

7. Photography

Most people engaging in photography start it as a form of hobby. It gives an extra income in your available or accessible time, accepting photo shoot side hustle on special occasions.

In a digital world, photography is a lucrative hobby. Companies are willing to pay for an exquisite image of their product. One can earn maximum income by selling photos online while enhancing creativity. This type of money-making digital stream can also be helpful for marketing and promotion. Read about the top 12 best ways to make money in photography.


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