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Create A Website For Free To Earn Money

Create A Website For Free To Earn Money

Many people believe that building a website takes a lot of money and requires a professional expert to do the job. Yes, that is correct, but there are also FREE options to start with, and you don't necessarily need to hire an expert to do the job for you.

I would suggest not investing much in building a website as a beginner. Hence it will not quickly return the investment right away. It's like "testing the water" before you proceed to the next level of your business site.

Before going further with this tutorial, we must highlight in this article why we need a website and the importance of having one for your online business schemes.

Importance of creating a website

  • A website is a valuable tool for creating an online side hustle in any form.

  • A website can be a great media alternative to selling or renting your products.

  • A website can be a helpful tool to promote your blogs and earn passive income.

  • A website can help you reach a wide range and coverage of different customers.

  • Marketing through a website is easy and more accessible.

What are the options for a free website builder? (Top 3 website builders in 2022)

Wix (9.8 out of 10 reviews)

  • It is number one in the best free website builder ranking in 2022.

  • Wix has many templates from over 800 designer-made templates you can pick for your website niche.

  • It has the broadest range of features compared to other website builders.

  • Most importantly, they are awarded as highly reliable and secure. (9.7 out of 10 in reviews)

  • This website builder has a better SEO tool for google ranking.

  • It has hundreds of variety customizable templates to choose from.

  • They have better phone support and customer service.

Squarespace (9.5 out of 10 in reviews)

  • It is awarded Best Premium Functions with 24/7 support.

  • The templates are award-winning in comparison.

  • It has all-in-one great platforms.

When I first built my website, I used Wordpress as a starter. Like the other website builder, Wordpress also has a free version.

In my opinion, a Free version is a good-to-go option if you don't know anything or are unfamiliar with any coding in setting up a site.

Nowadays, there are a variety of better choices of website builders with hosting included. I will recommend Wix to create your first business website since they offer a good package free of charge for beginners.

(Disclaimer: Remember that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for yourself.)

Why Build a Website On Wix?

Wix has more unique features and functionality compared to Wordpress. Aside from offering a FREE version, they also have built-in hosting. With that said, you no longer have to worry about looking for website hosting. Two hundred million customers trust Wix, with excellent ratings of 9.9.

Choosing Wix as your website builder will also give you an option of a variety of template designs and eliminate the work of connecting another website hosting.

Wix has an excellent guide for boosting your website through its upgrade version if you decide to enhance your site to another level. The upgraded features also include email marketing tools that could help increase your website's organic traffic.

How To Build Your Website in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Create A Wix Account.

  2. Choose Your Template.

  3. Sign-up For Namecheap.

  4. Edit Templates and Publish.

Step 1. Create A Wix Account.

  • 1.1- Go to the Wix website and create an account.

You can start by signing up for their website if you don't have an account. Creating a Wix account is free if you wish to start it that way.

After you sign-up, you can now start navigating the process. The first you will encounter is ask you which platform you want to use.

You have two options in this Section, a platform using classic Wix and the Editor X version.

If you are wondering about the differences between the two, Editor X is a more advanced editor with more functionality and features than classic Wix.

As a beginner, I would suggest going for classic Wix and working on it until you are more comfortable with the more advanced editor.

  • 1.2. Click the Wix button to simplify the procedure.

In this Section, what kind of website are you creating? I would click blog since you can use this type in many areas.

In addition, you can also add features like a store if you decide to add that element to your site's upgrade later.

  • 1.3. Pick a name for your website.

It is significant to plan a name for your plan niche on your website. For instance, if you plan to build a niche blog, create a beauty tutorial such as a make-up application and enhance the beauty and others.

A catchy and easy-to-remember name may be ideal and preferable to your customers.

  • 1.4. Add a simple element feature to your websites.

You are incorporating a valuable and straightforward element feature to your sites, such as social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, intended for your customer to share and a social link to your social media account.

You can play many elements in designing your site, but if you intend to begin it for FREE, a simple and less add-on is more practical.

Step 2. Choose Your Template.

  • 2.1. Pick Your Template Preference.

Before setting up your website, like managing the vital functions of your site, begin by choosing your template first.

I was amazed by all the pretty templates from Wix, and, ironically, I find it challenging to pick one since I love most of them.

After searching the available templates, you may click to edit the design. A button on the upper right corner says, "Edit this site."

By clicking the "Edit this site" button, functions on the left side corner appear and are ready for your design.

However, before you begin designing your site, you need to ensure that you have acquired a license domain name. You can do this by visiting Namecheap.

GET A DOMAIN NAME FOR LESS>>>Register it on Namecheap

Step 3. Go and Sign-up on Namecheap.

Create your domain name and hit search for your .com availability. If you are a first-timer and newbie on Namecheap, they will offer a much lesser price as a starter for $6.98.

Although you don't need to upgrade to Wix premium as a starter, and while they offer a free domain name, it will be much more professional to register your domain name for a small amount.

Add your picked domain name to "Add to cart" and purchase the business domain.

How to Connect Domain Name From Namecheap to Wix Website

  • Go to your Namecheap dashboard, click on the domain list, and leave it open.

  • Go to your Wix editor and hit "publish," found in the upper right corner of your editor.

  • Once your website is published, click preview mode and copy the link or URL found on the search bar.

  • After you copy your website URL, go back to your Namecheap dashboard-domain list section. Add the redirect (+) button, paste your purchased domain name to the Source URL, paste the Wix URL to the Destination URL, and hit save.

  • Your Wix website should now be live!

Step 4. Edit Your Pick Template and Save.

In these steps, you should already have a domain name for your website that is accessible and can be viewed in public.

However, we haven't done editing the template according to our preference. The last step, "editing your template," will be exciting if you love designing or creating things nicely.

How to edit your choice of template?

In the second step of the process, you already pick a template you will most definitely like for your plan niche. We will continue and take in-depth customization in this last step of building your website.

The toolbar functionality found vertically on the left side of your editor is essential in your web designing and customization. You can make this original template your new masterpiece and customize the site beautifully.

Here's the sample below I created for this tutorial.

To design your site, you need to:

  • Here you can find the media you want to incorporate or download to enhance your business site. Click and utilize the (+) add elements button at the top of the toolbar. There are many valuable elements for the enhancements to appear more functional.

Text, box, interactive, blog, image, gallery, list, store, button, menu, anchor, embed code, bookings, strip, contact and forms, social, events, decorative, video and music, content manager, community, my designs.

  • Add Section- you can use this for your welcome page design on your homepage, about the author, or on your site objectives, your contact information, or even add a subscribe button if you wish to have that for your website.

There are many fantastic functions you can play with in this Section.

  • Site Pages and Menu- in this Section, you can design your homepage header to set up a menu bar such as your home button, blog post, about, contact, or even a link to your social media account.

If you need to add a special button like your product features, you must click the (+) add page at the bottom of that Section.

  • Site Design- you can customize the theme and color in this area. There are a lot of colors and themes to choose from and even mixed with gradient colors if that is what you go for. You can also turn a simple template into a fantastic and professional look on your website.

As a beginner, I would concentrate on the first four tools in the toolbar section to eliminate confusion and simplify everything until I get familiar with using the simple tools. These are the main essential tools you need in designing your site.

Furthermore, after the enhancement is immensely satisfying, don't forget to save and publish your work. However, the Wix editor's remarkable feature is to keep your job while you are working on it automatically.

What now after building your website?

The site is ready! Now, you can start working on your first blog and tell the world what you can offer. They have great features that you can easily download your images, videos, etc. The blog post section on Wix is easy to work on as well. Click Here To START A Blog.

  • Add button- will direct you to upload your media files, elements like buttons, and web functions like HTML codes and Adsense, which help add your affiliate marketing links and URLs.

  • Settings- the post setting will give you access to enhance your post, like displaying a cover image and adding a description of the bar and each related post connected to your article or blog.

  • SEO- the third function in your toolbar. This Section is critical to the google search engine. Here, you can let search engine index your page through your URL tag, Title tag, and meta description in SEO basics. It also has a social share where you can put details into it and an advanced setting function.

  • Categories- this Section will arrange your article post or blog. For instance, if you are working on lifestyle and travel in your site as your focus niche, you can segregate and categorize your post from lifestyle to travel whereabouts.

  • Tags- is also essential in each of your postings. Doing this gives you a short or general description of what your post is about to your readers.

  • The last two of this toolbar, which are monetized and translated, can use utilized later on for your website. But, as a starter, I would suggest focusing more on working on your content and driving traffic to the site. You can monetize your site through ads and affiliate marketing once you establish a regular visitor.

Get your FREE website started and start your passive earnings.

Now that you set up your website, it is time for you to create your first blog!


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