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How To Make Your Digital Wall Art Prints Stand Out on Etsy

Do you want to make your Etsy digital wall art prints stand out? With the growing popularity of digital art, it's more crucial than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some pointers to help you with the platform:

First and foremost, choose high-quality, aesthetically attractive artwork pictures. It is particularly crucial on Etsy because prospective buyers cannot personally inspect the item before buying. Make sure the photographs are clear and highlight the piece's intricacies. You can go to Creative Market to create high-quality artwork pictures for more photo options, templates, themes, fonts, etc. Click this link to get started.

Selecting an eye-catching color palette makes your digital wall art prints stand out. Bright, eye-catching hues may draw attention, while subtle, subdued tones convey refinement. Experiment with several color schemes to determine what works best for your artwork.

In addition to aesthetically engaging photographs, clear and accurate product descriptions are essential. Providing as much information as can will assist prospective clients in making an educated purchasing choice. It covers dimensions, materials, and any extra features or customizing possibilities.

Effective use of tags and titles makes your digital wall art prints stand out on Etsy. Consider adding the piece's style, concept, or subject matter in the title or tags. Use relevant keywords and phrases to make it easy for buyers to locate your work.

Offering several sizes and frame choices also helps you sell more. Some clients may choose a smaller piece to suit a particular location, while others may prefer a more significant selection of decor to occupy an enormous wall. You may reach a larger audience by offering a variety of alternatives.

Consider giving bundle offers or discounts to entice buyers to buy many items simultaneously. It will be a terrific approach to eliminate surplus inventory or provide the client with a feeling of value.

Here are some of the bundle prints I created for your reference.

bundle package wall prints

In addition to these ideas for distinguishing out on Etsy, using social media to promote your digital wall art prints may be a strong strategy. Create a consistent brand identity across all channels, and enhance your exposure by using hashtags and tagging relevant accounts. Engaging prospective consumers through comments and messages also helps establish a human connection and boosts the chance of a transaction.

Using these tactics, you can easily make your digital wall art prints stand out on Etsy and improve your sales. You may achieve success on the platform with a little effort. Feel free to try new things and find what works best for you and your artwork. Learn more about the 7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online.

Provide a variety of styles and topics.

By providing a variety of styles and themes, you will be able to appeal to a larger group of clients. Some people may favor abstract paintings, while others may prefer more classic landscapes.

You may boost your chances of generating a sale by providing a variety of alternatives. You can do this variety of styles and topics by putting each distinct style into sections.

Use customer reviews and ratings.

Encourage consumers to rate and evaluate your digital wall art prints. Positive feedback may boost trust and trustworthiness while helping your artwork stand out in search results.

Participate in Etsy's promoted listings program.

By participating in Etsy's promoted listings program, you may pay to have your digital wall art prints featured more prominently in search results and on other site pages. This step may assist in raising awareness and lead to increased purchases.

Consider including bespoke or customized pieces.

Some consumers may seek something distinctive or one-of-a-kind, and custom or personalized pieces may make your digital wall art prints stand out. This might involve using a particular phrase or statement or designing a work based on a customer's color or style.

Video may be an effective technique for capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Consider employing video and standard marketing approaches to exhibit your digital wall art prints. This may involve making a video tour of your business, a lesson on how you make your artwork, or just displaying your items in a visually attractive manner.

Use high-resolution photos

Use high-resolution photographs for your digital wall art prints to ensure the piece's intricacies and colors are appropriately presented. This is particularly crucial if you sell wall prints in various sizes since low-resolution photographs may seem pixelated or unclear when expanded.

Provide several viewpoints on the piece.

Consider offering multiple views or angles of your digital wall art prints. This might give clients a better concept of how the item will appear in their environment and make your offering more aesthetically attractive.

You can choose a lot of excellent mockup designs from Creative Market. You can make different styles of mockups for your displays so your customer to visualize the wall art you created. It could be a living room, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, home office, or hallway setting.

multiple views and angle of digital wall art prints

Creative Market-wide selection of mockups.

Consider making your artwork printable.

In addition to tangible prints, consider making your digital wall art printable. Customers who want to print their artwork or a cheaper alternative may consider this.

Consider employing narrative in your product descriptions and offering technical information about your digital wall art prints to help build a human connection with prospective buyers. This might involve detailing the process of making the artwork or giving the motivation behind it.

Create a strong brand identity.

A strong brand identity will assist your digital wall art prints to stand out on Etsy. Consider designing a logo, color scheme, and general look that matches your creative flair and personality. This may help you identify as a professional artist while creating a consistent appearance and feel for your store.

Finally, there are several tactics you may use to make your digital wall art prints stand out on Etsy. You may boost your chances of generating a sale by utilizing high-quality, visually attractive photographs, selecting a distinctive and eye-catching color palette, and offering informative and accurate product descriptions.

Using tags and titles, giving a range of sizes and frame options, and leveraging social media all help enhance awareness and sales. To separate yourself from the competition, try giving package offers or discounts, engaging in Etsy's promoted listings program, and selling bespoke or customized works.

Finally, high-resolution photographs, numerous angles of the piece, printable copies of your artwork, narrative in your product descriptions, and developing a solid brand identity all help your digital wall art prints stand out on Etsy. Applying these tactics may boost your chances of success on the site and establish yourself as a professional artist.


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