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How To Start An Etsy Business With No Money.

Starting a business involves your time and, most significantly, your investment money. If you intend to create another source of income and earn extra money aside from getting a second or third job may turn out complicated for your time to do it.

There are many ways to earn extra income online, including passive income that only requires your time and talent or craftsmanship abilities. Learning a passive income, primarily digital business, will allow you to create another means of livelihood without money to shell out.

The best part of non-physical items like the digital product is that you don't have to worry about the shipping and other fees involved during your operation. But the good news is you have the alternative to put up your own business with no money involved. You can start an Etsy business with no money. Etsy is a business platform where you can sell your creation or product in physical or digital form. Learn more about 8 Reasons To Sell Digital Products.

However, before you even begin to sign up and start a business on Etsy, you must consider a few steps to avoid being lost in your goal, which is to earn extra money or passive income.

3 Steps Before You Start A Business On Etsy

1. Learn to know or determine the product you plan to sell on Etsy shop.

2. Set a goal for how you will operate your business on Etsy.

3. Create a plan on how to sustain your listings.

1. Learn to know or determine the product you plan to sell on Etsy shop.

Before you sign up for a free account on Etsy shop, you should already have an idea of what to sell in your shop. If you don't have the money to start any physical item to sell, you can always start on imparting your time researching digital products that you can do without requiring you any money for capital. You may want to know about the 7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online. This will give you ideas on starting a digital business without hurting your pocket.

Digital products like Creating Digital Printables To Sell Online and Creating An Ebook are some digital products you can do without capital. These are the digital products that are famous and sold on Etsy shop. You can start an Etsy business with no money by signing up for a free account both on Etsy and Canva account. These two websites are powerful for digital marketers.

2. Set a goal for how you will operate your business on Etsy.

Another step to consider is setting a goal to grow your store. This is important because consistently creating your digital and putting it on your listings is the fastest way to be recognized as a digital entrepreneur.

Setting a goal is highly needed, especially for a newbie in digital business. It is where you can build your skills and creativity in this field while allowing you to explore other ideas for products that are selling on Etsy shop. If you are a full-time stay-at-home mom, you have the time to build your business online, but if you have a full-time 8-5 job, creating your digital product is always a challenge (and I'm not going to lie).

Consistency is still the number one key to building your Etsy store. If you have a goal on what digital products you can do and how much time you can put into it daily is relevant to achieving your potential income. Do not be like someone who wonders what to do and what to expect every day. Be proactive on your goal and follow your plan.

3. Create a plan on how to sustain your listings.

The third step is creating a plan to maintain your listings. This means you will establish the frequency of your listings and products to lists. Build a routine to follow and organize your listings as possible.

Create competitive digital products, and do not rush to create them. There are many established competitors in this niche. If you can find a way to build your trademark that separates from the competition that will make all your listings unique and attractive to customers will be a great move.

Steps To Start An Etsy Business With No Money.

1. Sign up for a free Etsy account.

2. Input your preferences.

3. Input your shop name.

4. Begin to create your listings.

5. Set your payment setting and bank account details.

6. Open your shop.

a. Create a bio in your shop

b. Cover Images in your shop.

1. Sign up for a free Etsy account.

The first step to do is to create your free account on Etsy. Go to the Etsy website and sign up for a consumer account. On Etsy, you must have a consumer account before you sell stuff and create a seller account.

Navigate to the top right corner of the page to sign in. You will receive an email notification to confirm your account. Once registered, you can sign in and click your profile to reveal the drop-down menu (sample image below). You can click that menu to "sell on Etsy."

Sign up for a free Etsy account

By clicking "sell on Etsy," you will navigate to the next page that shows- Join the creative marketplace where millions of shoppers spend billions each year purchasing directly from creative entrepreneurs like you. Click "open your Etsy shop" on the bottom part of the page.

open your Etsy shop

The page will navigate you to the "Welcome page." Click the button with the arrow that says, "Let's do this."

Welcome page

The website will direct you to the page asking you a question, which you can skip by hitting the "skip this question" button or continue by choosing your option and clicking the "next" button.

start your Etsy page

If you choose to answer these questions, you will be directed to another page to choose as many topics you prefer for your shop.

Etsy shop preference

After navigating and answering all the pages with questions, you can now start your shop by hitting the button "Start your shop."

Start your shop

2. Input your preferences.

Now that you click to start your shop, your second step is to put inputs about the shop preferences details found on this page.

  • You are required to input shop language, which gives you many options by clicking the drop-down arrow.

  • Shop Country preferences. You can hit the drop-down arrow in this line for your options.

  • Shop currency. Here, your shop language, country, and money should match. If you prefer the English language in the US, you will also input a US dollar in your currency preference.

After everything on this page is set, hit save and continue.

Etsy Shop preferences

3. Input your shop name.

You are now in the third step of the process, which is finding the name of your shop. This is an exciting yet challenging part of the step.

You may want to create a shop name more relevant to what you plan to sell or just input your name to avoid looking for the title or name long.

You will know if your name is good when you see the line that says, "Great thinking! This name's available!." Don't forget to hit save and continue.

4. Begin to create your listings or stock your shop.

Before you can start operating your store and deem it a live Etsy shop, you must have at least one product listing to start, and if you can create more than one would be better.

I created a digital sample template for you to see how it looks like when you get your first listing downloaded, but before you arrive on this page, you need to input some details of your product.

Here's the sample template I've made for your reference. You can create a PDF file and a sample of your digital to download in your listing.

To make your first product listing complete and visible, you need to do the following:

  • A. Photos and Video- you will upload the photos and video of your product. Follow the tips for photo uploading, such as using a clean and simple background, etc. Videos resolution must be 1080p or higher, and some other quick tips for your reference.

  • B. Listing Details- In this line, you will put the title of your product, the type of listing, categories, renewal options, description, production partners, section, tags, and materials.

  • C. Inventory and Pricing- You will put details of your listing price, quantity, and SKU. In setting your price, please consider the materials (physical), labor, and other expenses to finish each item. Etsy will charge you a listing fee of $0.20 for each item or quantity.

  • D. Variation- If your product listings have variations like color and size, please add them in this section.

  • E. Personalization- This section is optional. You can turn the button OFF or ON in the right side corner of the area. If you have a particular instruction specific to your buyers, you can turn ON the personalization to add the description for details.

  • F. Shipping- You don't need this section if you only sell digital products. However, you need shipping details if you are selling physical products. The shipping section comprises prices, origin zip code, processing time, what countries you will ship to, and shipping services.

  • G. Digital Files- If you sell digital products, you will be directed to this section instead of shipping details. You can upload your digital files here through PDF or zip files.

  • H. Returns and Exchanges- In this section, you will input your return and exchange policy for your buyers.

5. Set your payment setting and bank account details.

So, everything is set in your first product listing and ready for your buyers to see, but you must complete the payment setting and bank account details for the transactions. This is the most crucial part of the steps because it allows you to get paid and pay your fees per transaction.

6. Open your shop.

After you input your bank account details, you can now hit the button that says "open your shop." Congratulations! Your Etsy shop is now live. You can share the link with your family and friends in your business account on social media if you create one.

  • A. Create a bio in your shop- You want to put more information, such as place of origin and description of your business. You can also add a profile picture or a business logo that you can create easily in Canva. Doing this lets, you share a brief understanding of what the business is all about with your buyers.

  • B. Cover Images in your shop- Simple cover photos in your shop will make it more appealing to your customers. Create one to enhance your store image while continuously adding your product listings.

Etsy shop is famous for handmade, handcrafted items and digital products online store. If you want to use an online business platform, you can start an Etsy business with no money, even if you are tight financially. Signing up for Etsy is free and creating a digital product is free. You must sign up for a Canva free account and work your digital product from there. It takes only your creativity and willingness to start this type of venture.


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