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Top 12 Best Ways To Make Money In Photography

Top 12 Best Ways To Make Money In Photography

Photography came from two words, photo and graph, which signify light and drawing. It is the art of taking images on a light-sensitive film and digital electronics through an image sensor.

Photograph or images plays an integral part in people's lives because it serves as memorabilia through time from people, places, and events. This is why taking pictures is timeless and imperative in many ways and an excellent means to make money in photography.

There are options or ways to take images in this new era, which include digital electronics that have become popular in the millennium. High-powered camera lenses improve as years go by and can even capture some images from outer space (pretty neat!).

While the skill is not hard to learn, almost anybody of all ages can capture images through their phones and convert them into a money-making hobby in digital passive income. Photography is also a good source of side income, and there are many ways to earn in this profession. At the same time, professional photographers are paid well in their contract services to many events.

How To Make Money In Photography

1. Photography is used in creating video tutorials.

In digital business, creating video tutorials is a significant and lucrative undertaking. People with good skills in this field can no doubt make money in photography and earn a substantial income. Many individuals, like YouTubers, joined this passive income hobby as it already became famous for accumulating revenue.

Top earners have invested a lot of money in their cameras and expensive phones with high-quality lenses. For this reason, photography will evolve as time progress.

You can check on GoPro for your project to learn how to create amazing videos.

2. Specialized and seasonal events services.

  • Weddings

Many passionate individuals are willing to do the work of taking photographs and videos during special occasions like weddings. It is indeed a work of art, but it also pays a good amount of money.

Taking pictures to make money at wedding events is a cost-effective venture because you can mostly do all the package in digital images in a disc and some prints, which are now easy to provide.

  • Engagement

Like wedding events, taking photos during engagement parties and proposals is another way to make money in photography. If you are a good planner, you can always schedule a side hustle photoshoot during your free time for extra cash.

  • Newborn Photoshoot

Some companies or sole proprietors contract to take photos in the hospital for newborn babies. Photography for newborns is an excellent way to make money if you live in larger cities.

Newborn photographs are more stylistic and creative, not to mention the setting is a lot nicer than it used to be. There are also a lot of camera features that can create lovely images if you decide to make money in newborn photography.

  • High School Senior Portraits

I've seen a lot of freelancer photographers on social media that took images and contract photography work during senior events and senior year portraits.

If you are engaging yourself to learn to make money in photography, you may want to add high school senior events to your list. This is another way to make money besides special occasions like weddings and engagements. Photography is easy to manage regarding a maintenance or operating costs and gives a good investment return.

  • Birthdays

Every birthday occasion is remarkable, but there are events like this that you can do to make money in photography, such as taking photos during significant events on someone's golden birthday celebration, etc.

Some people consider it extra special as they will hit their golden birthday celebration or more, and they tend to celebrate more excessively than in the past years. Others will contract photographers for this event even before their celebration day as part of the preparation.

  • Holidays

On special holidays like Christmas, you can see many families taking pictures with Santa Claus and Christmas decor as part of their photoshoots. You can make money on this big holiday occasion, especially if you create a more inviting setting for the holiday events.

This is the time of year when most people spend a little extra to capture their images and keep the memories, and other professionals even charge additional fees. You can undoubtedly make a side income if you have the talent and passion in this field.

3. Family Portraits

Taking a family portrait is another way to make money in photography. Especially for a new family who needs a photographer to capture the moments with their kids or newborns.

You can build this side income and create a social media account to post and update your photography work, location, and offerings for your potential prospects.

4. Get a photoshoot contract for real estate.

If you know somebody in the real estate business, you can make money taking photoshoot contracts from them. How Much Does a Real Estate Photographer Make a Year? It is proven that photographers can potentially earn six figures. If you have a team to support, you can earn more than the estimated figures below.

  • $60K for the first year

  • $90K for the second year

  • $120K for the third year

The photography business in real estate is highly competitive, but it has a lot of viable prospects in the market.

Learn more in this link if, Want To Finally Master Your Camera? The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to Shooting Video

5. Corporate events.

Big corporations hold special events for their various activities. A photoshoot is always part of this memorable event and is an excellent way to make money to do the work for them.

  • Product launching

Multinational companies initiate special events like product launching. For instance, a pharmaceutical company invests in capturing images of its product brand before and during the product launch.

The company sets a budget for this event, and you can make money if you get this contract work from them.

  • Convention meetings

Aside from product events activities, some companies also commence convention meetings as part of their yearly schedule, and photoshoot is always needed to keep the memorandum.

6. Product photography from various businesses.

Product photography is required for businesses with tangible products, from the automotive industry, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. A photo is an excellent visual for their marketing ads; therefore, they consider their product's high-quality images necessary.

You can also make money in photography. If you gain a good reputation and show remarkable work in your niche, you have an edge in getting the contract.

7. Corporate Headshots.

Corporate headshots are initiated by most companies and are another means to make money in photography. Toyota, for instance, conducts this type of event for all its employees, and you can access its many event possibilities for your side earnings.

8. Taking photos of sporting events.

Taking photos of sporting events is a huge opportunity to make money in photography. Massive activities like sporting events usually hire known and famous photographers for the business. Getting in for small-time photographers is pretty challenging, but it can be done.

9. Stock Photography.

Professional stock photographers make money in photography by placing their images through stock agencies on a contractual basis. At the same time, beginners can earn in this niche by submitting high-quality images online to stock agencies.

Stock photography is in demand in distinct businesses. It is where they get the supply of photos they need for a particular article, marketing, promotion, etc. Stock photographers can take different images and sell them to agencies to be used for various purposes.

10. Make a photography course or an ebook.

You can make money in photography by creating a photography course or ebook if you are knowledgeable enough and have a broad experience in this field. You can Create an ebook easily in Canva on your first ebook on a PDF file, which is entirely digital and easy to download.

An ebook is one of the excellent digital products to sell online with minimal operating costs but a considerable return in earnings. You only need to download it for free after subscribing to my free tutorial section. Receive a free ebook guide to start your ebook in Canva.

11. Contract photography services to restaurants.

Food places like restaurants and food chains will never miss the chance to advertise their food on menus or online marketing; visual images are part of their operations. You can make money in photography in this scope.

Similar photos like this are in demand in digital businesses, and people are willing to pay to get a decent picture.

12. Contract photography for modeling.

You can make money in photography for modeling work if you have special skills. This area needs speed, precision, and expertise capturing angles in photoshoot sessions. A modeling company usually have its photographers, but some agencies are contracting professional to do the work.

Whatever areas in photography you want to engage in, you can undoubtedly generate extra income if you are willing to do the work on top of your desire to learn more techniques in this field. There are classes that you can go to learn to attract photography customers.


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